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a best she can do mom
I am a single mom of three 2,4,8 and it is hard i get a little money from dshs but that dont help and the dad dont pay anything so anything that anyone can do will be greatly appreciated dinner, presents anything thank you.
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ann william

Thank. God for good people like you

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ann william

My name is cryatal I need help for my kids on christmas .you can mail it to pobox361 springcity tn 37381 one boy 13 yrs old and a boy 8 a girl 15 please help I will be greatful for you helping. So will my kids thanks so much. Crystal williams and kids

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Hi msbeehavin26


Please don't list your personal e-mail and phone number , unless you want a scammer to contact you. Have you contacted any of your local Christmas charities for assistance ?Try the links on this page


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i am a single mother and need help with buying my kids christmas presents this year . i cant afford to buy anything this year because i am outta of a job . so would some one please help my ten year old son and six year old son out i dont want them to miss out on this special christmas this year because i cant afford anything. i am asking if theres anyone to help out please  email me  at  or call 936-649-2283 if i dont answer please leave a message with ur name and number and the reason u was calling
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i need help with christamas gifts

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