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momineed started this conversation
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Here are a listed of places you should look into for food help and they may be able to direct you to places that give out toys etc.

I hope these help and I will continue to search to find you help for the holiday. Also try some DIY gifts since your children are a little younger you don't have to go crazy over high price toys I learned this last year. I can help with this if you want to.
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miss tonya
hi we r a big faimly of 6 and we need help for chrismas toys and food i have one boy 4 grils my son is 11 my daghter is 11 my other daghter is 13 and 16 and 17 my phone # is 623-937-2321 or
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hi we are a big family ,i have my 1 year old an my 2 year old grandson that i help my 19 year old daughter with an my 17 year old son an my 12 year old step daughter,i was working an was fired when they found out i was pregnate an every since things have gone wrong ,my 1 year old had to have surgery we had no insurance si the bills are pilling up,my husband works alot to try to keep us a float so the hollidays well there wont be one an i am usualy the one who helps others an now i need help all i want is to have some kind of christmas so if any one in az has side work of any kind i will be glad to do it,please help us out 480-593-8353
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asking for help with my kids christmas ages 2yr girl,10yr boy and 15yr boy. im disable and only get $670 from social secuity each month and foodstamps.we had a rough year our power has been turned off already 3times this year. also my son is completely deaf in one ear and we wrecked it broke my son back. my kids are great and have had to do without some stuff so i ask please help them have some christmas gifts....thank you stephanie in georgia our address can send to p.o. box 2296 chatsworth,ga 30705
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I am a single mom with three children and I can't afford to get them any gifts this year.It hurts me to my heart that I can't get them anything I really don't know how to tell them that moma just isn't able I cry every day knowing that christmas is drawing near & my children still don't have any gifts for christmas.I need some help can anyone help me please it will surely be a blessing.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
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 in response to sammiesynaster...   

Hello  sammiesynaster, I caught your story and it reminded me of a friend I knew as she was molested by her uncle early on. I didn't know her then but met her later. It is very sad this continues to go on.


I did not see you city here but you can check to see what is nearby and there might be a free medical clinic and that could help you determine if you are pregnant or not.


For ideas on Christmas see here.

There are good sources of work from home jobs here.


Federally-funded health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Health centers provide

   1. checkups when you're well
   2. treatment when you're sick
   3. complete care when you're pregnant
   4. immunizations and checkups for your children
   5. dental care and prescription drugs for your family
   6. mental health and substance abuse care if you need it

Health centers are in most cities and many rural areas. Type in your address and click the 'Find Health Centers' button to find health centers near you.

I hope this helps you in some ways.

Sincerely wishing you the best,



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Hi im 19 and on my own I have been pretty much since I was 16 my sstep father molested me and my mother beliecved him not me my biological father was never in the picture. I need a job I have no money and I need to be back on my medication for bipolar depression and anxiety. I also might be pregnant I dont know what to do I need help. what i hate the most is i cant even buy christmas presents for the few people that have been here to help me. please please help me
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a best she can do mom
I am a single mom of three 2,4,8 and it is hard i get a little money from dshs but that dont help and the dad dont pay anything so anything that anyone can do will be greatly appreciated dinner, presents anything thank you.
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ann william

Thank. God for good people like you

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ann william

My name is cryatal I need help for my kids on christmas .you can mail it to pobox361 springcity tn 37381 one boy 13 yrs old and a boy 8 a girl 15 please help I will be greatful for you helping. So will my kids thanks so much. Crystal williams and kids

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in response to...

Hi msbeehavin26


Please don't list your personal e-mail and phone number , unless you want a scammer to contact you. Have you contacted any of your local Christmas charities for assistance ?Try the links on this page


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i am a single mother and need help with buying my kids christmas presents this year . i cant afford to buy anything this year because i am outta of a job . so would some one please help my ten year old son and six year old son out i dont want them to miss out on this special christmas this year because i cant afford anything. i am asking if theres anyone to help out please  email me  at  or call 936-649-2283 if i dont answer please leave a message with ur name and number and the reason u was calling
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i need help with christamas gifts

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